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I’ve Been a Tripawd for ONE YEAR!!!

June 17th, 2010

So, blondie has been too busy lately to supervise my computer time, so this post is coming a couple weeks late (thanks a lot, mom). On June 3, 2010, I celebrated my ONE YEAR AMPUVERSARY!!!!! It was so much fun. I forgot that I got a leg removed, so all the extra treats I got that day were just bonus. Mommy came home that day from school carrying two weird boxes with yellow “m” shaped things on top. She was saying something about them being called “happy meals” and I totally get why they are called that now!! Gracie and I got to split a meal (i got more, HA!) but we each got to eat out of our own box.

Mommy tried to get pictures of my enjoying my first burger, but this is all she could get out of me:

The best part?! My lunch came with its own toy! Seriously, when you finish your food, a toy magically appears! The one I got made noises when you pushed it. I sniffed it because I thought maybe it was a weird looking french fry, but then I got bored with it so my mom got rid of it:

After lunch the three of us went to the park. The grass is getting really tall, and I was having sooo much fun eating it (my mom gets really annoyed with me when I do that, but its totally worth it!). Blonde One was trying to get me to post for a picture, but I was like, whatever mom, and kept hopping through the grass. Do you think I could pass for a deer in this picture? I was pretending to be one:

I kind of got a little muddy at the park (ok, a LOT muddy), so even though I hate hate HATE baths, I got one…on my ampuversary. That girl has no heart. She even made me stay in the tub while she snapped my photo. I know I’m cute, but please…just get me out of here:

She totally made it up to me though, because after dinner, I got an entire carton of ice cream. Like, literally the whole thing. Wait…you mean ice cream comes in bigger containers than this?!?!? I WAS TOTALLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!!!

I know, I know, not a lot of pictures of me posing, but it was just such an exciting day that I couldn’t sit still!!! Can you blame me?!?!? And really…you only get to celebrate your one year ampuversary once 😉

my daddy came to say happy ampuversary!!!

May 3rd, 2010

Last Thursday, my mom left shortly after school and was gone for a couple hours. When she came home she was with grandpa Jim and…MY DADDY!!!!!!!!! Boy, was I sure surprised! Mommy and I moved to WA in September, so I haven’t seen him since then – that’s 8 months! Jeepers, I don’t know what I did to deserve this treat 🙂 I get to sleep with dad every night, and he snuggles with me during the day while mommy goes to school. I am surely special to get him for 10 whole days (he leaves me on Saturday). Today was extra neat, because mommy and daddy (!) took me and Gracie for a ride in the car, then they took me to play group! I never really ever play because I am too mature for that nonsense, but I actually got frisky with a little dog for about 2 seconds this evening which is more than I’ve ever done at group before, so my mom was thrilled!!! Dad said I looked miserable the whole time, but he’s just confused 😉 OH! the reason that I got to go to play today was…IT’S MY 11 MONTH AMPUVERSARY!!!!!!! YAHOOO!!! My mom, my dad, my grammy and grampy, and my aunt Gracie – the only thing missing was my brother, Colby (and my leg, but I’m not actually really “missing” that..). Maybe he’ll come on the next visit 🙂

p.s. this is from blondie’s cell phone, so the quality isn’t that good. but this is me seeing muh dad for the first time in over 7 months!!!

King for a Day! (except i’m really king all teh time)

April 20th, 2010

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me…my SIXTH (6th) BIRTHDAY!!!!! 11 months ago, my mom thought I probably wouldn’t make it past 5, but here I am…bein’ 6 for a whole day already! After the blonde one got home yesterday, she took me for a fabulous trip to the dog park where I got to run around like a wild aminal for about 2 hours. Here I am meeting a bunch of big doggies (and keep your eye on that impish German Shepherd in the second group…she was a fiesty one!)


On the way home, mom had the air blowing and the windows open, so it got a bit chilly for our liking. When she turned the blower down, the drop in noise confused me and I popped my ears up and looked quizically at the dashboard. Mommy thought this was just hilarious, and kept turning the air on and off just to see me pop my ears and look. When we got home, she decided to videotape my shenanigans (I’m adorable…it’s OK to be jealous).


We went to Barkz a little later (around 6) for my free birthday treat. I thought I was going to get a little biscuit, but I got this HUUUUGE carob-covered cookie!

After dinner, she crunched up the cookie, and put it on a pirate plate with some delicious ice cream. This was my first time eating ice cream, but from the wonderful reviews from Miss Cherry, my mom decided it was time to let me try it. Man, that s*** was awesome!

At the end of they day, when all was said and done and the party was over, I had to pose with blondie to get a birthday pic. She dressed me in this ridiculous shirt she made me, and humiliated me with a crown, birthday sign, and huge colorful bird thing (she says its cute though, cuz the pirate finally got his own parrot…whatever). Here we are, at the end of a spectacular day 🙂 You know, I should really have more birthdays…

what IS that thing?!?!?!?!?

April 13th, 2010

Sunday night grandma Pam and grandpa Jim came home and took me and Gracie outside. There was this little tan dog out there and I was so excited to see it that I jumped on him! Then he jumped on me! Then we tried to jump on eachother at the same time!!! Oh my goodness, it was so fun. But then this thing came inside with us. I mean, yeah, he was fun to play with outside, but I’m not so sure about this squishy-faced mutt coming into MY house and playing with MY toys. Once I got used to the fact that he was staying for a while, I gave in and we played in the living room for the rest of the evening. The next morning, Boone heard me get up and he started crying and banging the door with his paw (he slept with gramma). Out he ran and we wresteled on the hardwood in the hallway. Well, we got in trouble, because apparently downstairs neighbors don’t like to hear the clickety-bang of little dog feets and bodies at 5:45 in the morning. Oh well! We got banished to the family room but Boone learned to open the door, so they couldn’t really keep us in there for very long. Having a sleepover was AWESOME! Watch us playing when we first met in the video below…my mom took it on her cell phone so it’s not the best quality 😛 More to come later, as Monday is my 6th birthday 🙂


Vet Visit

March 16th, 2010


My Rabies vaccine expired today, so yesterday I got to go visit Dr. Alt. I really like her, but I mostly like all the attention and treats I get!!!!! Well, it turned out to be a little more than just a vaccine visit. I’ve had diarrhea and I like to vomit a lot. Mommy and I are pretty used to this because I was born this way, but grammy and grampy seem to think it’s an issue. Dr. Alt says that maybe I have a food allergy. I am already on hydroxyzine, but she said that I should try changing my diet. So for the next 6 weeks I get to eat delicious hypo-allergenic bits with whitefish mixed in!!! (hey, it was the only prescription protein that I haden’t already been exposed to!). And just for a baseline…..mommy and my doctor decided to do a full blood panel – I dont think I’ve had one of those since like, EVER! My mom just got the call and “Jack’s blood looks WONDERFUL! I see absolutely nothing that makes me even a little bit concerned”. YAY!!! Apparently this is good news 🙂 Also, my heart and lungs sound super, and I even got my anal glands expressed (I did NOT like that). But hey, at least I got this free bandana!

2 Fun Days for My Doggie Self

February 12th, 2010

Monday was a pawesome day for me (i know today is Friday, but my mom wouldn’t let me use the computer until now…).  Around 6:30 at night, when I usually get to eat dinner, my mom hooked up my harness and leash and took me out for a walk.  Well, this was weird for me, but I never pass up a walk, so I just went with it.  When we got into downtown Kirkland, we went into my favorite store, Barkz, where I thought I was going to get a treat.  But……..the place was FULL of doggies!  Doggies that were just my size!!!!!  Turns out that Laura had decided to sign me up for Monday night play group.  I got to play with 2 Boxers, a bulldog, a Bassett Hound (boy did that thing look weird!) a lab and a golden retriever.  Half an hour of pure, unadulterated play time….ahhhhhh.  I can’t wait until next Monday!  Another good day for me was Wednesday.  My mommy worked so when she got home, she didn’t know if Gracie and I had been fed yet.  We were pretty interested in her dinner (we were both crying at her), so she thought to be on the safe side, she would feed us.  I scarfed down my supper, then I ate Gracie’s because she was being fussy.  When Grandma and Grandpa got home, my mom found out that we had already been fed…so, I actually got 3 dinners.  I wish there would be more miscommunication in my family 🙂


February 2nd, 2010

OK, so, I know my actual ampuversary isn’t until tomorrow, but my mom is ultra lame and has school then work, so she will be gone all day *sigh…*. Anyhoo, she spent all afternoon taking videos of me and putting together music for my FIRST OFFICIAL MOVIE!!! I’m a star. The first clip is from Christmas (finally found the video camera…it was a Christmas gift that had been misplaced since,well, Christmas…) but the others were all taken this afternoon. No, I’m not performing for the camera, I’m always this jumpy. I just really like being a Tripawd!!! The video is long, but if you have the time please watch me…I jump up a really high wall! Plus, my theme song is playing. Hmmmmm, maybe my mom should go into video editing??


Puppy Pics!

January 18th, 2010

Cemil started it, and we’re adding to the cuteness. My mom has more pictures of me somewhere (probably in storage back in MI…totally lame, right?), but she stole these from RedHair mommy when we went to visit last May, a week before my diagnosis. She does not remember how old I am in these pictures, but she guesses about 5 or 6 months old. I still have my toys I came home to intact, so I must have been brand new to them 😛

Here I am on my blanket I stole from BlondeMommy being bothered while I was chewing on my birdhouse.  Next to me is the bear I used to like to hump.  You will notice in the lower right there is a light blue blanket.  This is the one the sisters picked me up at the shelter with and I snuggled in it the whole way home.  I still have it 🙂

This is me with my first brother, Kitty.  Kitty was owned by a roommate of ours, and we got along pretty great together!  Please notice, I am the same size as Kitty.  I was much smaller then, than I am now (don’t I look weird with 2 front legs?!?!?!?!)

Here I am hanging out with Kitty in the living room.  Hmmmmm….maybe I am smaller than Kitty!

You can’t see my face in this photo, but my mom likes it because it shows how I used to make my ears stick up.  Sometimes, I would stick both of them up so high that they would cross over eachother on top of my head!!  Also, I am laying on something pink.  It was evident that I loved pink things even from a very young age 🙂

This is mommy’s favorite picture of me, because it shows my adorable little puppy face, and how much I love snuggling (with hump bear again!) and chewing (I don’t really like rawhide, but I LOOOOOOOVE the minty bones!  Still love ’em, in fact)

Here is a picture of my baby brother, Colby.  I tought him to do his ears like that.  His mom is a sheltie, and his dad is a german shepherd.  He’s pretty adorable, but I haven’t seen him in 3 months.  We miss him but he is having a super time in MI with daddy.

This is the doggie I live with now.  She belongs to Grandma Pam and Grandpa Jim.  She is a tiny havanese named Gracie.  She is 4, but she is only 6 pounds!  My mom took her into Seattle one day, and this is them on the bus!  Gracie gets to wear cute clothes, and I’m jealous because they don’t make cute things in my size 🙁

Thats it for now!  If Laura ever finds my other pictures, I’ll make her share those with you, too.  Have a wonderful rest of your day, fellow tripawds and friends!

Captain Jack


January 3rd, 2010

I hear today is a pretty darn special day. Why? Because 7 months ago today, I was in surgery getting my bad leg taken away for good. I never did like that leg. But today is also EXTRA darn special, because exactly 1 year ago today, my mommy and daddy brought home my little brother, Stephen Colbert. I haven’t seen him in 3 months since Mommy and I trekked out to WA, but daddy sends us picture updates. Here is one we got last week-ish.  We are unsure why, but it seems that Colby felt the need to empty his entire toy box.  Maybe he likes options??

Colby Toys

This is pretty funny, because the very next day, mommy took this one of me…

Jack Toys

Is this a coincidence?  Telepathy?  We may never know…

Thanks for celebrating with me, and I wish you all the happiest of days!!!

My Christmas in Pictures

December 28th, 2009

So I had a pretty good Christmas! Usually mommy leaves me for a week and I get to stay at a kennel or with my daddy in MI, but this was our first Christmas EVER that I got to stay with blonde one!!! Grammy got the Christmas toys out, so whenever anyone comes home, I greet them at the door with Santa in my mouth:

On Christmas Eve, Grandma Pam gave all the humans matching pajamas.  Boy did they look silly!  It made me glad that I am a dog and did not have to partake in this display of Christmas cheer.  Here is mommy (center) along with Grandma Pam and Grandpa Jim in front of the tree that these crazy people dragged into the house and decorated with weird animals and snowmen and stuff.  You can also see my aunt Gracie trying to get into the shot.


The next day, we all went out to this HUGE dog park where I was able to run around without my leash on.  There were tons and tons of other doggies there and I had an absolute blast just being a normal dog.  Grandma Pam made a rule that everyone had to wear their pajamas ALL DAY on Christmas, so of course this meant the dog park.  I can’t believe I went out into public with these people.  Jim got Pam a video camera for Christmas, so here he is trying to figure out how to use it.  Gracie and I were trying to help.


There were tons of bushes for me to play in, and lots of areas to go down into the water.  I’m not to the point yet where I’ll jump in, but I sure enjoyed running along the shore!


The park also had little bridges so we didn’t have to step in muddy or watery areas, and I thought that was pretty nice of them to add those.  We all stopped by this one so Pam could take a picture.  The name of the bridge is hard to read, but it was called “Dog Leg Bridge”.  Apparently this is funny or something.  Here I am with mommy:


Gracie and I got marrow bones for Christmas and we both cleaned ours out completely!  It was my favorite Christmas I’ve ever had.  When Grandpa Jim figures out how to get video off the new camera, maybe I’ll get mom to post some shots of me playing.  Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!