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July 27th, 2009

I am Quick like a Bunny!!

About Me

July 27th, 2009

Hai!  My name is Captain Jack and I just turned 5 years old.  When I was a baby, some nice people found me along with my brothers and sisters sitting in a box under a car in a parking lot.  They took me to their home and a little while later, 2 nice girls came to pick me up!  I call them RedHair Mommy and BlondeMommy.  They are sisters.  I lived with them for a year, until RedHair Mommy got married and moved in with her husband who already had a doggy and a kitty.  I got to stay with Blonde Mommy.  I have had so much fun with her!  We moved to North Carolina where I lived with Mommy, my new Daddy, and they got me a baby brother to play with.  They called him Icarus.  After a couple years, we all moved back to Michigan.  Because the apartment we moved to had dog weight restrictions, Icki went to stay with my grandparents…although the apartment got rid of the restrictions, he was having so much fun that my grandparents and my parents decided that Icarus should stay in the country where he could play in the big yard all day.  I like visiting him on weekends.  I was healthy my whole life until one day this past October I was playing and stepped on my bone by accident.  Man did that hurt!!!  I cried for a long time.  My mom was worried and took me to the vet.  She did not find anything wrong with me.  I was in pain off and on for a few months and would limp.  Everytime I limped, I would get to go back to the vet where it was found there was STILL nothing wrong!  But then in May, I started to get a bump on my wrist.  My doctor took an x-ray and discovered a tumor.  My parents were very upset and my mom almost threw up.  This made me worried, because I don’t like seeing them so sad!  They took me to a new doctor who took more x-rays of my lungs and said they were showing up clear.  So the next week, my mommy and daddy took me to ANOTHER doctor who took my bad leg away.  I was so happy to be rid of my tumor that I was running in circles and jumping on things the day after surgery!!!  Now I have to go to my oncologist every 3 weeks for something my parents call chemotherapy.  I don’t mind it because I have no side-effects from it, and I am feeling so much better!  I love running in the park with my new brother while we chase my favorite pink ball (I get mad at brother when he tries to steal it from me).  I don’t even care that I only have 3 legs, I only care that I am no longer in pain from my cancer tumor.  I am happier now than I have been in MONTHS, and I just want to stay as happy as I can be for as long as I am able.  Thanks for reading about me and my journey with cancer!

<3 Jackers