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Alarm Clock

August 31st, 2009

So, my brother and I came up with this super fun game to play in the mornings to wake up mommy and daddy.  They just love it!!!  They especially love it on weekends.  As you can see from the video, I like to play the game on the bed so I can get at Colby from any angle without having to worry about moving on my legs, and Colby plays from the ground so he can dart away fast.  My mom was also lucky enough to catch the end of our game which, in my opinion, is the best part…the part where Colby jumps on her head.  Enjoy!!!

Alarm Clock Game

Another Day in Country Land

August 29th, 2009

I got to go to Grammy and Grampy’s house again today! My daddy is having a birthday next week, so we went for a pre-birthday dinner. It was raining, but Colby and Icki still ran around like crazy things. I wanted nothing to do with that, so I stayed inside most of the time. However, I would play with mommy inside when she annoyed me so much I really had no choice but to give in. I finally got sick of it all and hid under the table in the corner of the living room for most of the day. That’s OK, because mommy passed out on the couch because Colby woke her up early by crying and then jumped on her face. My parents get down sometimes because they think I am depressed that I can’t run and play ruff like I used to, but honestly, I never liked it much before and now just have an excuse to snuggle! I prefer to play nicely inside, and chase my pink ball outside. It’s just what I do!!! My mom was planning on taking pictures, but it’s hard to take pictures when you spend the afternoon in a deeeeep sleep 🙂 oops.


August 27th, 2009

This morning, my daddy didn’t get up early like he normally does. Apparently, he is going to be something called a “best man” tomorrow and had things to do today. So mommy went out to McDonald’s to get breakfast. She forgot to get me anything. But it turned out OK because my dad had a biscuit he didn’t want. He was going to feed it to me but stupid mommy stopped him and said that I shouldn’t be eating biscuits (I don’t know why she’s so concerned about my diet lately!!). Then she thought about it and my dad told her that I love biscuits and would rather be happy and eat a dang biscuit than worry about what would happen to me if I DID eat it. So…I got to split it with my brother!!! Gosh, I sure loved this morning! We should have more mornings like this one. Here is a picture my mom took of me at McDonalds a few weeks ago (my mom would like me to say we really don’t eat there that often, despite what this post makes it sound like!!!)

drive thru

I Had My 4th Chemo Today

August 26th, 2009

Today, my mom made me get up early so we could go for a car ride. Turns out, she was actually taking me to visit Dr. Swanson and Stacie. I was so happy when I got there, because I just LOVE them. However…Stacie did not come out to get me for my appointment. I did not want to leave with Dr. Reyes, but my mom walked down the hall with me and then I saw Stacie and got all excited again! One thing I like to do while I’m waiting for my blood results and while I am getting my 20 minute treatments, is to talk a lot. My mom can hear me all the way in the waiting room and she laughs with the receptionists because I am SOOOOO loud. I may not have to do another treatment, but hopefully my mom and dad can scrounge up some “extra” money and take me for at least one more treatment. When Dr. Swanson brought out my report to my mom, she also said that the spot on my x-rays 2 weeks ago turned out to be a blood vessel, so my lungs are clear and my report said I showed “no evidence of disease”!!! YAY!!! Today has been a super fun day!

Play Day

August 25th, 2009

Yesterday turned out to be a super fun day for me! It started off slow, but then blondemommy got a call that my dad needed her help at work, so I got to go play at camp for the afternoon! The place they take me is called Camp BowWow, and when the owner found out I had cancer, he told my mommy that he was not going to charge her for me because it was important that I have fun without my pawrents having to worry about the money side of it. He is a really super friend. When my brother and I got home and had dinner, we got to go for a walk!!! My dad is planning on taking me on the Doggy Dash in October so he wanted to start getting me ready for it. However…blondemommy decided she wanted to take Colby for a walk as well, and then it turned into a sniff-fest complete with tangled leashes. Next time I think daddy will take me by myself… I plan on relaxing today since I’m supposed to have my 4th chemo tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Bath Day

August 22nd, 2009

Well, my mom gave me a bath today! My dad took my brother for a walk. I officially hate my brother…lucky sob (literally). I was doing pretty good in the tub because my mom gets in there with me so I don’t slip now that I have 3 legs, but when she was squeezing out more shampoo, I escaped and shook sudsy shampoo all over the bathroom. Gosh that was fun! Afterwards I got really hyper and chased my mom around the apartment because SHE STOLE MY STUFFED CHICKEN. I got it back though. And life is as it should be.


August 21st, 2009

Well, today my mom thought I was going crazy, but I just think I’m feeling super! The past few months I have been waking up late, going to bed early, and just lazing about in general (except when I get to go to the doctor or to the park…then I get stoked), but today and yesterday, I am just a ball of energy. I woke up when my dad left for work, begged for treats, scarffed down breakfast (I usually only eat a little dinner…I’m picky), and played with my toys. My mom got me and my brother new food today, so I was really happy to eat that instead of that nasty salmon junk we have been on. After dinner, my SECOND full meal of the day, my mom took us for a walk. I perked up my ears, ran in circles, raced Colby down the stairs, and jump/hopped the entire walk because I had too much energy to just hop normally. When we got back to our building, I still felt like playing, so I attacked my brother, and he attacked me back. Gosh, my mom sure liked that! I wonder if it’s my new pills that are making me so darn happy… Well, time to go have a snuggle fest, that is after I’m done barking at my neighbors.


August 20th, 2009

Well, I am back home after an exciting night visiting my grandma and grandpa. Mommy and daddy went to a baseball game and shipped me off to the country where Colby and I could be with people and not sit at home alone for 12 hours (Colby is very naughty). When we got there, I was so excited to see my other brother Icarus who lives with grammy and grampy, but them when mommy went to leave, I was NOT having it. She was laughing because she was trying to locate all three dogs so she could back out of the driveway, but she couldn’t find me! All of a sudden, she saw a little paw and nose creep up in her side mirror and try to sniff out a way into her car. She got out and carried me like a baby into the house. I love my grammy and grampy’s house, but I am glad to be back home!

Chest X-Rays

August 16th, 2009

Hai Guise! I had my first set of chest x-rays since I was diagnosed back in the end of May. They were clear! The only thing my doctor saw was a little spot that she was unclear about and wanted our oncologist to take a look at. Even if it turns out to be the starting of a lung met, I remind myself that I started limping almost a whole year ago, and if this is as big as the met has gotten…I’ll take it! My mom made me take these nasty shark cartilage pills yesterday and started me on IP6 and Inositol tablets (she asked my cancer doctor if it was OK), and boy did those mess me up! I was acting like a nervous wreck and had to pee every 2 hours or so. She is letting me take a break from them today to see if I get back to normal…thank goodness! Yesterday I was hacking a lot and my mom and dad kept saying “what’s wrong with him?” Then, because they knew my chest was clear, they would say, “Nothing is wrong with him!!!”. I’m feeling much better today, but I wish my little brother would stop biting my face.