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August 27th, 2009

This morning, my daddy didn’t get up early like he normally does. Apparently, he is going to be something called a “best man” tomorrow and had things to do today. So mommy went out to McDonald’s to get breakfast. She forgot to get me anything. But it turned out OK because my dad had a biscuit he didn’t want. He was going to feed it to me but stupid mommy stopped him and said that I shouldn’t be eating biscuits (I don’t know why she’s so concerned about my diet lately!!). Then she thought about it and my dad told her that I love biscuits and would rather be happy and eat a dang biscuit than worry about what would happen to me if I DID eat it. So…I got to split it with my brother!!! Gosh, I sure loved this morning! We should have more mornings like this one. Here is a picture my mom took of me at McDonalds a few weeks ago (my mom would like me to say we really don’t eat there that often, despite what this post makes it sound like!!!)

drive thru

2 Responses to “Drive-Thru!!!”

  1. admin on August 27, 2009 4:29 pm

    Don’t worry Captain, your people are just concerned for your health because carbs make for a bad canine cancer diet. But I’m with you, who can resist warm biscuits?!?!

    Just remind them that its all about quality of life, and half a biscuit once and a while is good for the soul. Enjoy!

  2. cairasue on September 5, 2009 8:57 pm

    Caira Sue very much enjoys the rare drive-thru days. This means she gets to eat junk food like everyone else. And we go through the same mental issues “this isn’t on her diet” “but it will really make her happy” blah blah blah. But ooooooooo those biscuits and a couple french fries are gooooooood!

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