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Being Happy

September 30th, 2009

Well, I’ve been in Washington for a little over a week now and I must say…I LOVE it here! We live right by Lake Washington, so my favorite thing to do is go to Barkz for a chicken treat, then eat it by the waterfront. I am also in heaven due to all the squirrels! When I smell one, I go run in the bushes looking for it. My mom gets confused, but when she hears a sudden explosion of rattling leaves and sees me jump out after a darting gray thing, it suddenly makes sense. The squirrels then sit in a tree and chirp angrily at me, but I just smirk and hop away, because I have won. Another thing I have started doing is working on my predator impression. Whenever I see a dog walking my way, I slink to the side of the road and slooooowwwly lower myself into the grass. Then, when the dog gets close…BAM! I jump/pounce out at it and we play. It’s fun for me. I’m not sure if it’s the air out here or what, but man, I have been a ball of energy. Before I was just acting like a puppy, but now I am starting to do things I have never done before – it’s like I’m developing a new, “hoppier” personality. I’m still my sweet self, just…well…feistier. My mom loves it 🙂


September 12th, 2009

While my mom has spent the last couple days packing up all her stuff, today was fun for me because finally MY stuff got all put together!!! While cleaning out my cupboard, my mom found this big stuffed ball that I go absolutely crazy over. She keeps it locked away because I get so absolutely insane whenever I see it, that it’s just easier to take it out for special play times only. But then mommy forgets about it so I never get to play with that darn ball. Tonight, however…as soon as I saw her start to put it in my little travel bag, I knew I wanted it. I was laying down, but I put my neck up, perked my ears high, then bolted over to her and tried to thwap it. My mom and dad played keep away for a little bit, but I got my darn ball finally after I got annoyed with chasing it back and forth across the living room. Man, as soon as I got it I put my paw on it and started chewing. I don’t get to play with it anymore tonight though because Colby came too close to me and I tried to bite his face off (not really, but I yelled at him. really loud). I don’t even know what else mom put in that bag…but it doesn’t even really matter.

Cheer Up Mom!

September 10th, 2009

This morning when I went outside I saw a squirrel that I really REALLY wanted. It had a branch in it’s mouth and I though he was bringing it to me as a peace offering. I tried to run at him to take it and then maybe have a play, but that darn squirrel just ran up a tree with my branch gift. Stupid squirrel. Now I am just lazing about in the living room. My mom is acting sad because of the loss of our dog friends, and she is trying to make everything I do into a big deal. For example, I got up on the couch and looked at her before I flopped down. I forgot to perk up my ears so now she thinks I feel sick. She also feeds my these nasty shark cartilage pills so my breath reeks, but today she has the feeling that my breath smells because I have a disease inside me. Sigh…I’m like MOM! I JUST chased a friggin squirrel outside…but she is just sad today that cancer has to happen to us doggies. I don’t blame her! But I sure love all the attention and butter treats I get!

well…minus the butter treats with the shark cartilage inside…


September 9th, 2009

WOW! It’s funny how fast life can change sometimes! Last week my mom told me we were moving to a place called Kirkland in Washington state. I have never been there, but mommy grew up there and says it’s lovely and I will be near a lake, so I’m pretty excited about that. I heard my mommy and daddy talking, and what I can gather is that because mommy isn’t working now (she was in school) and daddy was paying for my treatments and living expenses, things were getting pretty stressful around here. So they decided that the best thing right now would be for me to move to WA with mommy where we wouldn’t have to worry about living expenses and she could focus on school and get done super fast! We will be living with my grammy and grampy out there, and I will also have a dog friend around. I’ve never met her, but her name is Gracie and she is something called a Havanese. I saw a picture of her once in a bee costume, and she looks like no dog I’ve ever seen before!!! My grammy is afraid I will hurt her because I am bigger and she is making all these rules for me. That, I am NOT excited about, but whatever. We are leaving next Sunday and are going on a cross-country road trip which I have never done before, so I am really stoked! I also get to meet my great-gramma (she is my mom’s grandma) when we are in South Dakota. I will miss my brother and my daddy, but now my parents can focus on saving up some cash which will make them less stressed and happier, which will then make ME happier! My mom called a bunch of places out in WA yesterday and found me an Oncologist close by and she said she wants to take me to something called a holistic vet. She called them and they have experience in working with cancer patients, so it seems like a good move! They do traditional medicine as well, so if the herbs don’t work out, I can always try something else. This will be a busy week while we get ready to move, but I am excited for my new adventure!!


September 2nd, 2009

Why oh why did my parents get me a brother?
And why oh why does he have to be bigger than me?
And why oh why is my mom videotaping my humility??
Colby drags me across the floor. Lame.

This has never happened to me before…

September 1st, 2009

Much to my chagrin, I found out yesterday that I am just a normal dog. After 3 chemo sessions with no side-effects, I was assuming the same would be said for my 4th treatment last Wednesday. Well, all was fine and dandy until yesterday when I decided I needed to vomit and then go outside for diarrhea. My mom was kicking herself for not giving me my anti-nausea pill, so once she administered it to me along with my new favorite snack (butter!!!!!), I was back to normal. Little does she know, there was really nothing wrong with me…I just wanted MORE BUTTER!!! I’m thinking of getting sick tomorrow, too.