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September 12th, 2009

While my mom has spent the last couple days packing up all her stuff, today was fun for me because finally MY stuff got all put together!!! While cleaning out my cupboard, my mom found this big stuffed ball that I go absolutely crazy over. She keeps it locked away because I get so absolutely insane whenever I see it, that it’s just easier to take it out for special play times only. But then mommy forgets about it so I never get to play with that darn ball. Tonight, however…as soon as I saw her start to put it in my little travel bag, I knew I wanted it. I was laying down, but I put my neck up, perked my ears high, then bolted over to her and tried to thwap it. My mom and dad played keep away for a little bit, but I got my darn ball finally after I got annoyed with chasing it back and forth across the living room. Man, as soon as I got it I put my paw on it and started chewing. I don’t get to play with it anymore tonight though because Colby came too close to me and I tried to bite his face off (not really, but I yelled at him. really loud). I don’t even know what else mom put in that bag…but it doesn’t even really matter.

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  1. jerry on September 14, 2009 11:36 am

    Jackers, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I had this red ball that I used to chase around the yard, check it out:

    My Mom and Dad took it away from me because after a year, they noticed it was wearing down my teeth! They didn’t call it the “Indestructible Ball” for nothing. Crazy huh? So I only got to play with it on special occasions.

    They still have the ball hidden in their garage, and my poor brother Wyatt hasn’t gotten to play with it once yet. Dad says “maybe some day” but he really likes the fact that Wyatt has pointy fangs that don’t look filed down like mine did!

    We are so excited about your road trip, and hope you’ll blog from the road. Will you be coming to Colorado? If so, you gotta come see us!!!!!

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