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My Christmas in Pictures

December 28th, 2009

So I had a pretty good Christmas! Usually mommy leaves me for a week and I get to stay at a kennel or with my daddy in MI, but this was our first Christmas EVER that I got to stay with blonde one!!! Grammy got the Christmas toys out, so whenever anyone comes home, I greet them at the door with Santa in my mouth:

On Christmas Eve, Grandma Pam gave all the humans matching pajamas.  Boy did they look silly!  It made me glad that I am a dog and did not have to partake in this display of Christmas cheer.  Here is mommy (center) along with Grandma Pam and Grandpa Jim in front of the tree that these crazy people dragged into the house and decorated with weird animals and snowmen and stuff.  You can also see my aunt Gracie trying to get into the shot.


The next day, we all went out to this HUGE dog park where I was able to run around without my leash on.  There were tons and tons of other doggies there and I had an absolute blast just being a normal dog.  Grandma Pam made a rule that everyone had to wear their pajamas ALL DAY on Christmas, so of course this meant the dog park.  I can’t believe I went out into public with these people.  Jim got Pam a video camera for Christmas, so here he is trying to figure out how to use it.  Gracie and I were trying to help.


There were tons of bushes for me to play in, and lots of areas to go down into the water.  I’m not to the point yet where I’ll jump in, but I sure enjoyed running along the shore!


The park also had little bridges so we didn’t have to step in muddy or watery areas, and I thought that was pretty nice of them to add those.  We all stopped by this one so Pam could take a picture.  The name of the bridge is hard to read, but it was called “Dog Leg Bridge”.  Apparently this is funny or something.  Here I am with mommy:


Gracie and I got marrow bones for Christmas and we both cleaned ours out completely!  It was my favorite Christmas I’ve ever had.  When Grandpa Jim figures out how to get video off the new camera, maybe I’ll get mom to post some shots of me playing.  Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!

The Blonde One Will Soon be Busy…

December 17th, 2009

So, on Tuesday my mommy told me a secret: She is registered to begin classes to get her Occupational Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology! In 30 weeks she can start working as a Vet Assistant and then will start another 36 week course for the Technician part (granted she gets accepted, but she’s awesome so I have complete faith in her). Since our last 6 months have been spent in Oncology centers and researching cancer, it was just a natural progression for her to get licensed to help other doggies like me, and offer first-hand support to pawrents who are distraught over the diagnosis. She would like to work in a Specialty center in the Oncology department. Although she will be very busy, I’m glad she will be able to help those who feel like this is the end (spoiler alert: it isn’t)!!!

And for those of you who have been denied my cuteness for a while, here is a picture of me in my new rain jacket!

Visit from Envirodog

December 11th, 2009

Since we are environment-conscious out here in the Northwest, my mom decided to take me on an outing to learn about the local foliage and animal life.  We went to something called “wetlands”, although they were more like the frozen lands in my opinion. We had to run some errands first, and I didn’t know where we were going so I started shaking…like, a lot. This of course freaked my human out, but she decided not to worry about it and of course I stopped being all weird. On our way to the car, we saw that the fountain in front of our building was frozen and that it had this amazing ice pattern in it:

When we got to the park, everything was frozen, and I got to spend forever smelling the icy leaves!!!  You’d think I’d never seen a dang leaf before I was so excited.


We walked up and down the boardwalks, but when we would get to the final deck, they had this funny little grate covering the ground!  Boy oh boy, did I HATE that thing!  It hurted my feets.  My mom tried lifting me by my handy little handle so so much pressure wasn’t on my feet, but by that time I had already figured out that ground was evil and refused to go any further.  This was our compromise:


We had a really fun time, and I cried “hello!” at my fellow dogs who we saw walking around.  What lucky puppies we were to get to go there!  Here I am posing for my mommy.  Human says I am very handsome 🙂


I learned a lot about how nature smells, about the different trees and bushes that are perfect for me to play under, and all about the birds that love living in the foliage and especially love getting chased out by a hyper envirodog (hey!  I was just excited about learning, OK?!?).  I can’t wait until our next lesson!!!!!

I Make My Mommy Cry

December 1st, 2009

My mom’s eyes have been pretty wet lately. For some reason, she seems to cry a lot when she’s around me. She goes to bed rubbing her eyes, and often times wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to use nose spray. I don’t know what her problem is. She takes these white tablets that look kind of like the yummy things I get with butter in the mornings and evening, and she seems better after she takes those. The other night, she was itching her eyes so much and was so busy dropping liquid into them that she went to bed really early so she didn’t have to itch anymore. I don’t know what her problem is. She tells me that the next dog she gets will be hypo-allergenic (whatever that is) and she threatens to shave my fur off. She’s crazy. My fur is part of my charm. She also tells me that no matter how miserable she feels sometimes (with all the itching and congestion), I am worth every minute of pain she has to endure. I would have to agree with her…I’m pretty frickin adorable.