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Puppy Pics!

January 18th, 2010

Cemil started it, and we’re adding to the cuteness. My mom has more pictures of me somewhere (probably in storage back in MI…totally lame, right?), but she stole these from RedHair mommy when we went to visit last May, a week before my diagnosis. She does not remember how old I am in these pictures, but she guesses about 5 or 6 months old. I still have my toys I came home to intact, so I must have been brand new to them ūüėõ

Here I am on my¬†blanket I stole¬†from BlondeMommy¬†being bothered while I was chewing on my birdhouse.¬† Next to me is the bear I used to like to hump.¬† You will notice in the lower right there is a light blue blanket.¬† This is the one the sisters picked me up at the shelter with and I snuggled in it the whole way home.¬† I still have it ūüôā

This is me with my first brother, Kitty.¬† Kitty was owned by a roommate of ours, and we got along pretty great together!¬† Please notice, I am the same size as Kitty.¬† I was much smaller then, than I am now (don’t I look weird with¬†2 front¬†legs?!?!?!?!)

Here I am hanging out with Kitty in the living room.¬† Hmmmmm….maybe I am smaller than Kitty!

You can’t see my face in this photo, but my mom likes it because it shows how I used to make my ears stick up.¬† Sometimes, I would stick both of them up so high that they would cross over eachother on top of my head!!¬† Also, I am laying on something pink.¬† It was evident that I loved pink things even from a very young age ūüôā

This is mommy’s favorite picture of me, because it shows my adorable little puppy face, and how much I love snuggling (with hump bear again!) and chewing (I don’t really like rawhide, but I LOOOOOOOVE the minty bones!¬† Still love ’em, in fact)

Here is a picture of my baby brother, Colby.¬† I tought him to do his ears like that.¬† His mom is a sheltie, and his dad is a german shepherd.¬† He’s pretty adorable, but I haven’t seen him in 3 months.¬† We miss him but he is having a super time in MI with daddy.

This is the doggie I live with now.¬† She belongs to Grandma Pam and Grandpa Jim.¬† She is a tiny havanese named Gracie.¬† She is 4, but she is only 6 pounds!¬† My mom took her into Seattle one day, and this is them on the bus!¬† Gracie gets to wear cute clothes,¬†and I’m¬†jealous because¬†they don’t make cute things in my size ūüôĀ

Thats it for now!¬† If Laura ever finds my other pictures, I’ll make her share those with you, too.¬† Have a wonderful rest of your day, fellow tripawds and friends!

Captain Jack

3 Responses to “Puppy Pics!”

  1. cemil on January 18, 2010 2:48 pm

    Oh Jack, you were (and still are, but not in the same way) SOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love what you can do with your ears. Radzi can make his do that kind of stuff too but he only does it when he doesn’t care about being dignified. He does look pretty goofy. You just look cute. I’m so glad you could find some pictures– they made my day!

  2. Mackenzie's Mom on January 18, 2010 6:13 pm

    Capt Jack, you are such a cutie pie!! Your pictures – just adorable. We are so happy that you have celebrated your 7 month ampuversary. You are an inspiration to all of our tripawd heros.
    Mackenzie’s Mom

  3. Peyton's Path on January 24, 2010 9:44 pm

    Jack you were an adorable baby! Peyton use to have a moose he liked to hump (I think Mom even has pictures of him humping the moose)! He must have gotten mad at the moose because he tore it to pieces before I was even born. Is your hump bear still alive??

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