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2 Fun Days for My Doggie Self

February 12th, 2010

Monday was a pawesome day for me (i know today is Friday, but my mom wouldn’t let me use the computer until now…).  Around 6:30 at night, when I usually get to eat dinner, my mom hooked up my harness and leash and took me out for a walk.  Well, this was weird for me, but I never pass up a walk, so I just went with it.  When we got into downtown Kirkland, we went into my favorite store, Barkz, where I thought I was going to get a treat.  But……..the place was FULL of doggies!  Doggies that were just my size!!!!!  Turns out that Laura had decided to sign me up for Monday night play group.  I got to play with 2 Boxers, a bulldog, a Bassett Hound (boy did that thing look weird!) a lab and a golden retriever.  Half an hour of pure, unadulterated play time….ahhhhhh.  I can’t wait until next Monday!  Another good day for me was Wednesday.  My mommy worked so when she got home, she didn’t know if Gracie and I had been fed yet.  We were pretty interested in her dinner (we were both crying at her), so she thought to be on the safe side, she would feed us.  I scarfed down my supper, then I ate Gracie’s because she was being fussy.  When Grandma and Grandpa got home, my mom found out that we had already been fed…so, I actually got 3 dinners.  I wish there would be more miscommunication in my family 🙂


February 2nd, 2010

OK, so, I know my actual ampuversary isn’t until tomorrow, but my mom is ultra lame and has school then work, so she will be gone all day *sigh…*. Anyhoo, she spent all afternoon taking videos of me and putting together music for my FIRST OFFICIAL MOVIE!!! I’m a star. The first clip is from Christmas (finally found the video camera…it was a Christmas gift that had been misplaced since,well, Christmas…) but the others were all taken this afternoon. No, I’m not performing for the camera, I’m always this jumpy. I just really like being a Tripawd!!! The video is long, but if you have the time please watch me…I jump up a really high wall! Plus, my theme song is playing. Hmmmmm, maybe my mom should go into video editing??