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King for a Day! (except i’m really king all teh time)

April 20th, 2010

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me…my SIXTH (6th) BIRTHDAY!!!!! 11 months ago, my mom thought I probably wouldn’t make it past 5, but here I am…bein’ 6 for a whole day already! After the blonde one got home yesterday, she took me for a fabulous trip to the dog park where I got to run around like a wild aminal for about 2 hours. Here I am meeting a bunch of big doggies (and keep your eye on that impish German Shepherd in the second group…she was a fiesty one!)

On the way home, mom had the air blowing and the windows open, so it got a bit chilly for our liking. When she turned the blower down, the drop in noise confused me and I popped my ears up and looked quizically at the dashboard. Mommy thought this was just hilarious, and kept turning the air on and off just to see me pop my ears and look. When we got home, she decided to videotape my shenanigans (I’m adorable…it’s OK to be jealous).

We went to Barkz a little later (around 6) for my free birthday treat. I thought I was going to get a little biscuit, but I got this HUUUUGE carob-covered cookie!

After dinner, she crunched up the cookie, and put it on a pirate plate with some delicious ice cream. This was my first time eating ice cream, but from the wonderful reviews from Miss Cherry, my mom decided it was time to let me try it. Man, that s*** was awesome!

At the end of they day, when all was said and done and the party was over, I had to pose with blondie to get a birthday pic. She dressed me in this ridiculous shirt she made me, and humiliated me with a crown, birthday sign, and huge colorful bird thing (she says its cute though, cuz the pirate finally got his own parrot…whatever). Here we are, at the end of a spectacular day 🙂 You know, I should really have more birthdays…

what IS that thing?!?!?!?!?

April 13th, 2010

Sunday night grandma Pam and grandpa Jim came home and took me and Gracie outside. There was this little tan dog out there and I was so excited to see it that I jumped on him! Then he jumped on me! Then we tried to jump on eachother at the same time!!! Oh my goodness, it was so fun. But then this thing came inside with us. I mean, yeah, he was fun to play with outside, but I’m not so sure about this squishy-faced mutt coming into MY house and playing with MY toys. Once I got used to the fact that he was staying for a while, I gave in and we played in the living room for the rest of the evening. The next morning, Boone heard me get up and he started crying and banging the door with his paw (he slept with gramma). Out he ran and we wresteled on the hardwood in the hallway. Well, we got in trouble, because apparently downstairs neighbors don’t like to hear the clickety-bang of little dog feets and bodies at 5:45 in the morning. Oh well! We got banished to the family room but Boone learned to open the door, so they couldn’t really keep us in there for very long. Having a sleepover was AWESOME! Watch us playing when we first met in the video below…my mom took it on her cell phone so it’s not the best quality 😛 More to come later, as Monday is my 6th birthday 🙂