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The Blonde One Will Soon be Busy…

December 17th, 2009

So, on Tuesday my mommy told me a secret: She is registered to begin classes to get her Occupational Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology! In 30 weeks she can start working as a Vet Assistant and then will start another 36 week course for the Technician part (granted she gets accepted, but she’s awesome so I have complete faith in her). Since our last 6 months have been spent in Oncology centers and researching cancer, it was just a natural progression for her to get licensed to help other doggies like me, and offer first-hand support to pawrents who are distraught over the diagnosis. She would like to work in a Specialty center in the Oncology department. Although she will be very busy, I’m glad she will be able to help those who feel like this is the end (spoiler alert: it isn’t)!!!

And for those of you who have been denied my cuteness for a while, here is a picture of me in my new rain jacket!

Visit from Envirodog

December 11th, 2009

Since we are environment-conscious out here in the Northwest, my mom decided to take me on an outing to learn about the local foliage and animal life.  We went to something called “wetlands”, although they were more like the frozen lands in my opinion. We had to run some errands first, and I didn’t know where we were going so I started shaking…like, a lot. This of course freaked my human out, but she decided not to worry about it and of course I stopped being all weird. On our way to the car, we saw that the fountain in front of our building was frozen and that it had this amazing ice pattern in it:

When we got to the park, everything was frozen, and I got to spend forever smelling the icy leaves!!!  You’d think I’d never seen a dang leaf before I was so excited.


We walked up and down the boardwalks, but when we would get to the final deck, they had this funny little grate covering the ground!  Boy oh boy, did I HATE that thing!  It hurted my feets.  My mom tried lifting me by my handy little handle so so much pressure wasn’t on my feet, but by that time I had already figured out that ground was evil and refused to go any further.  This was our compromise:


We had a really fun time, and I cried “hello!” at my fellow dogs who we saw walking around.  What lucky puppies we were to get to go there!  Here I am posing for my mommy.  Human says I am very handsome 🙂


I learned a lot about how nature smells, about the different trees and bushes that are perfect for me to play under, and all about the birds that love living in the foliage and especially love getting chased out by a hyper envirodog (hey!  I was just excited about learning, OK?!?).  I can’t wait until our next lesson!!!!!

I Make My Mommy Cry

December 1st, 2009

My mom’s eyes have been pretty wet lately. For some reason, she seems to cry a lot when she’s around me. She goes to bed rubbing her eyes, and often times wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to use nose spray. I don’t know what her problem is. She takes these white tablets that look kind of like the yummy things I get with butter in the mornings and evening, and she seems better after she takes those. The other night, she was itching her eyes so much and was so busy dropping liquid into them that she went to bed really early so she didn’t have to itch anymore. I don’t know what her problem is. She tells me that the next dog she gets will be hypo-allergenic (whatever that is) and she threatens to shave my fur off. She’s crazy. My fur is part of my charm. She also tells me that no matter how miserable she feels sometimes (with all the itching and congestion), I am worth every minute of pain she has to endure. I would have to agree with her…I’m pretty frickin adorable.


November 19th, 2009

My tummy is growling because my mom only fed me one dinner this evening. What was she thinking????? I was cute today and even chased leaves outside, so I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get at least an appetizer or dessert with my supper. Tomorrow I shall teach that female human a lesson…

I’m a Real City Dog Now!!!!!!!

November 14th, 2009

Yesterday, my mom woke up and got ready and took me to a place called a “bus stop”. I’m not sure what was going on there, but when this big metal thing pulled up, I got all crazy and started barking at people. Mommy laughed and said that we tried (I’m not sure what we tried, but whatever) and we started to walk home. Well, grandpa Jim was there and decided that he would drive us. I was like, “drive??? Where are we going?!?!?”. Turns out we were going to Seattle. Seattle is beautiful! There were so many new smells to discover and people to stare at, that I didn’t know where to start! We walked from Westlake Center (at 4th street) down to this store called Merry Tails (on 1st street). When we walked in, mom acted like she knew the people in there! I guess she works there or something. I got lots of treats, then we went down to the meat market where I got my first REAL bone (not rawhide) and it was filled with marrow (not sure what that is, but it’s delicious). I spent the next little while chewing on that thing and then we went back home. It was amazing. Another thing? We ran into this guy downtown who said he loves 3-legged dogs. My mom asked him if he had a tripawd, and he said, “noooo…I’m missing an arm”. I guess I’m something called an “inspawration”. I don’t know what that is, but I’ll just keep on being myself, thank you very much. Just because I know what “our elevator is here” means, it doesn’t make me a city dog…but I for sure am now, because I survived the city for reals!!!!!

Sometimes I Don’t Make Wise Decisions…

October 28th, 2009

Today my mommy has the day off (finally!!!) so she took me to a waterfront park I hadn’t been to before. I was a little confused because when we got to the street my favorite one is on, we just kept on walking! Well, the park we went to today had a small pebbly beach that we visited. However, it also had tall stone walls around the perimeter of the little beach. We had been playing by the water when I decided I was done. When my mom had her back turned for a split second, I decided to make a run for it and she turned around just in time to see me JUMP up a 3 1/2 foot wall to try to get back to the sidewalk. I tried really really hard, but I didn’t quite make it and my mom ran to me to facilitate my fall. I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never attempted a wall that tall before, but I’m pretty sure next time I’ll conquer that thing. I don’t really care about my mom’s sanity 🙂

Getting My Feet Wet

October 23rd, 2009

When redhairmommy and blondemommy adopted me when I was 3 months old, they knew they were going to find out all sorts of exciting things about me. They would take me for walks and learned that I liked to carry things while I walk, they discovered that after they gave me a talking to for peeing in the house, I never EVER did it again. They got me at the end of July, so I used to go for evening and morning walks cuz it was hot in the summer. What they noticed, was that I would occasionally wander off into the middle of the street, and once they started paying more attention to when I was pulling these shennanigans, they began to see that I would always avoid houses with sprinklers in their yard. It was then that they learned that I hated water. Here I was, 3 months old, and would not go NEAR a drop of water (well, besides to drink). They didn’t know much about my history, except for the fact that I was found (along with my brothers and sisters) in a cardboard box, underneath a car, in the middle of a parking lot. They probably never will know what happened to make me hate water. My mommy thinks fondly of the first time she gave me a bath and ended up with big red scratches covering her entire body from me trying to escape the water torture (by “fondly”, I mean “not fondly”). However, it’s funny how things change. As you have read in my previous posts, I quite like it out here in WA. Yesterday, my mommy took me down to the lake and she walked with me down a dock. She thought I looked like I wanted to jump in the water, and she was scared because I’ve never gone swimming before. But because I looked so interested in the water, she took me down to the boat landing and let me sniff the lake. Well, I did more than sniff. I got in it…all the way up to my elbows/knees!!!! My mom was floored because this was a huge step for me, one I haden’t done in all my 5 1/2 years. I am no longer letting my fear of water get in the way of me discovering the world I live in. Maybe next time I can learn how to snorkel…


October 22nd, 2009

Last night was the best night of my life. I had eaten the last of my canned chicken EVO the night before, so I was worried that I was not going to get a good dinner. Well, when my mom got home from work, she put on my harness (which I am surprised that I get tons of comments about!), and took me down to the lake. On our way back from the park, she surprised me by stopping in at Barkz, my favorite store!!! They didn’t have any EVO there, but I’ll tell ya what they DID have…canned meat. Pure, rich, unadulturated, meat. Seriously, that’s the only ingredient besides water. So last night, in honor of my friend Yoda, I got my first taste of rabbit. It was awesome. I begged and pleaded for more, but my cute face was not enough to sway my mom’s decision (she says my gramma and grandpa are spoiling me and I’m starting to gain weight…bah). So I must wait until tonight when I get to feast upon buffalo. Perhaps it will remind me of my past life as a dog living in the Wild West, where I had to fight for my land, where I had to hunt for my food, where I…oh who am I kidding. I just want my friggin dinner.


October 14th, 2009

Mom gave me another bath today. I was like, “Mom, you JUST gave me a bath last month”, but she did it anyways. I think she was punishing me. You see, when I sleep at night, I like to sleep loudly. I snore, I have puppy dreams (which means I whimper and shake trying to catch something awesome!), and I get up a million times to circle and plop down again. This wakes the blonde one up…a lot. Well, last night, I decided to take it easy and sleep peacefully. When mom woke up this morning, she didn’t hear me breathing, she couldn’t feel me moving, and she kinda got worried until she pet me and I put my head up. So today she gave me a bath. I’m sure the two are related. I have decided that I will be back to my noisy self tonight, just to teach the human a lesson…

Being Happy

September 30th, 2009

Well, I’ve been in Washington for a little over a week now and I must say…I LOVE it here! We live right by Lake Washington, so my favorite thing to do is go to Barkz for a chicken treat, then eat it by the waterfront. I am also in heaven due to all the squirrels! When I smell one, I go run in the bushes looking for it. My mom gets confused, but when she hears a sudden explosion of rattling leaves and sees me jump out after a darting gray thing, it suddenly makes sense. The squirrels then sit in a tree and chirp angrily at me, but I just smirk and hop away, because I have won. Another thing I have started doing is working on my predator impression. Whenever I see a dog walking my way, I slink to the side of the road and slooooowwwly lower myself into the grass. Then, when the dog gets close…BAM! I jump/pounce out at it and we play. It’s fun for me. I’m not sure if it’s the air out here or what, but man, I have been a ball of energy. Before I was just acting like a puppy, but now I am starting to do things I have never done before – it’s like I’m developing a new, “hoppier” personality. I’m still my sweet self, just…well…feistier. My mom loves it 🙂